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HOLiC 175
FX: Ding-dong

Watanuki: Good evening, this is Watanuki.

Woman: It's the same no matter how many times you come.

Watanuki: Um,
Would you let me talk for a little bit?

Woman: .....

Watanuki: I made rice balls today too.
Since I brought them over here...
Woman: Hmph.

FX: Rustle

Watanuki: You going home?

Doumeki: Yeah.
Doumeki: How long you going to continue?

Watanuki: Until that person eats what I made,
Or until she eats what she's made herself.

Doumeki: What will you do if that doesn't happen no matter how long passes?

Watanuki: I won't do anything.

I'll just continue until that happens.
Watanuki: Since I can't do things like Yuuko-san,
I'll do what I can.

Doumeki: ...Has Yuuko-san still not appeared?

Watanuki: ...Yeah.
For the time being, in exchange for house-sitting, I'm staying over at the store, but

It's already nearly two weeks since I've seen Yuuko-san.
Or Mokona, or Maru, or Moro.
Watanuki: Well, it's fine as long as the sake doesn't decrease.

Speaking of which,
What's with that bag?

If you have somewhere to go...

Doumeki: I have somewhere to go, but--

Watanuki: Then, you don't have to keep me company.

Doumeki: Anyhow, our destination is together. [T/N: "Destination" may be a pun on "future."]

Watanuki: Huh?
Watanuki: Geez,
Why are you staying over at the store!

Doumeki: The sake's not decreasing, is it?

Watanuki: Who told you

FX: Stamp

To please decrease the sake!!!
Doumeki: So,
What's for dinner?

Watanuki: Since I thought I'd be alone,
I haven't prepared anything!

Doumeki: I'm hungry.
Make food.

FX: Ta-da

Watanuki: You, is that your arrogance, initial equipment!?
Improper deletion!?

FX: Poke

FX: Snorting

Watanuki: Augh--! Just how is it that he grew up like this! Next time I'm talking to Haruka-san, absolutely!!

FX: Slam-slide

Doumeki: Bring liquor, too.

FX: Thump thump

Doumeki: Japanese liquor.
Watanuki: If Yuuko-san gets mad at you, slide and throw yourself at her feet!

FX: Slam

FX: Rummage

Doumeki: ...Does this mean

That the time to use this is near?
FX: Diiing-dooong, diiing-dooong

Himawari: She still won't see you?
The cooking lesson person.

Watanuki: Yeah, well.

Himawari: ...But you're going, huh.
Today too.

Bringing rice-balls.

Watanuki: Yeah.
Tanpopo: Cheep

FX: Hop

Himawari: Here.

Watanuki: This...

Himawari: I made it.
I don't have any confidence for cooking yet, so it's just cookies, but if you like, eat them.

Watanuki: You did, Himawari-chan?

Himawari: Yeah.

Watanuki: Thank you!
Himawari: Don't worry.
I'm sure your feelings will reach, Watanuki-kun.

Watanuki: ...Yeah.

Watanuki looks older lately. Also, I love how all the characters have grown and changed.

Scanlation (Ingles):



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